Adapt and Get Stronger

Method #1

Agile Leadership

Letting people have skin in the game always pays off. They identify with the problem and engage deeply to solve it. I create purpose-driven teams. I believe in handing people possibilities – and enable them to find the right solution.

My team structure is not a hierarchy but a collection of circles, all paying into a joint purpose. We follow the constitution of Holacracy.

Method #2


No more hiding in the mighty writer’s cave. Whether defining a tone of voice, a chatbot conversation, or UX Writing elements – I like to get all stakeholders involved. That way we get the existing knowledge out on the table and new knowledge into everybody’s heads and hearts.

Method #3

Prototyping Everything

A content strategy, for example. I like to treat a content strategy as if it were a prototype and send my drafts to user testing. The result? I receive lots of valuable feedback and our users, a.k.a. the editorial teams, are immersed from an early stage. Easy buy-in guaranteed.

When my hands aren’t at the keyboard, they’re holding a handlebar. For example in Cuba.

Or in Malaysia.

Holding a cup of coffee. Also quite popular.

Or petting Fantastic the cat.

Having a stroll with Daniel. Always nice as well.

Or fun with friends and color filters.

The healthier alternative: art.

Doesn’t always work out.

Sometimes, the feet are doing some work, too.


A New Me

I work at a self-organized agency. We follow the constitution of Holacracy. What first came as a shock has liberated and innovated my work. Things get released early, even when not yet perfect, many non-writers are involved, evolution is part of the process.

  • Control is an illusion and uses too much energy. Make sure everybody has skin in the game and feels responsible for the output. This feels risky at first but is more sustainable in the long run.
  • Done is better than perfect. However, always have someone proofread your stuff. Spelling errors are never okay.
  • Learn to trust your participants when leading workshops. The answers will appear.
  • Learn to host workshops digitally with many participants. Great for motivation beyond any border.
  • On a more practical side: Always dispatch a sticky-note from the side and not from the bottom. That way they will stay on the wall a lot longer.
Good people, lots of post-its, a good briefing – and off we go creating magic.