Humble Human, Bold Expert

I am a Content Strategist & UX Writer at Google in Zurich.


Content Strategy – preferably in the form of big, beautiful posters, so that editors constantly look at them and stay on course.

UX Writing – the shorter, the better, yet always with a welcoming tone.

Purpose-Driven Leadership – I like to define a purpose and trust my team works toward it with all their might (and some OKRs). My job as a leader is to enable, close gaps, and guide.


Master’s Degree in Design Dipl. Designer FH, University of the Arts, Zurich, Switzerland

Master’s Degree in Social Science Lic. rer. soc, Université de Fribourg, Switzerland


English, French, and German — business fluency

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When my hands aren’t at the keyboard, they’re holding a handlebar. For example in Cuba.

Or in Malaysia.

Holding a cup of coffee. Also quite popular.

Or petting Fantastic the cat.

Having a stroll with Daniel. Always nice as well.

Or fun with friends and color filters.

The healthier alternative: art.

Doesn’t always work out.

Sometimes, the feet are doing some work, too.

Rather hear my husband talk about me? Here we go.

When my husband Daniel and I got married, we invited friends and family to a conference rather than a church. We called it LOV/CON, a conference about love, passion, and relationships. Our incredible friends and family prepared speeches, recorded the talks, and created a wonderful website. Daniel also made a speech. It was about me.